Pax Americana
Total Peace Within Your Lifetime

The purpose of this site is to share an idea I had recently-that, for the first time in human history we, the United States, are now in a feasible position to conquer the world. The Mongols, the Persians, the Romans, the French, the British, the Nazis and the Soviets all tried and failed. But with some hard work, we can do it now.
Nuclear weapons are, naturally, the key to my plan. But wait, you say-just about everybody has nukes these days, from big arsenals like China and Russia to tiny arsenals like Pakistan. This is true, but it doesn't matter. Think back to the cold war and MAD, or Mutual Assured Destruction. While the USSR could have launched an annihilating total nuclear assault on the US at any time, it would have then been destroyed by our counterattack. The situation now is even better. Any enemy could hit us with, at most, a handful of nuclear bombs, and they would do so in the knowlege that they have sealed the fate of their entire nation. Knowing that, they will not attack us.
Step One
Rebuild our nuclear strength untill it is at or above cold war levels. This would violate pretty much every disarmament treaty we've ever signed, but who cares.
Step Two
Declare our intention to annex some other country. Give them three days to choose between total surrender and annihilation.
Step Three A
The country surrenders. Wonderful. Occupy it.
Step Three B
The country resists. Too bad. Destroy it.
Step Four
Repeat as necessary to gain the rest of the world. We will probably want to start with the other nuclear powers, so things don't get messy.
Note on step Three A above. If a show of force is used early enough, the occupation of the rest of the world should proceed smoothly. For this reason I suggest that the first nation we claim should be one unlikely to surrender, like France, for example.
And that's all there is to it! A few bombs and a lot of intimidation are all we need. I know what you're thinking. "You're insane! You want to kill millions and millions of innocent people for nothing but useless, obsolete territorial expansion? Besides, I like France."
Well, I like France too, and I'm no more fond of mass murder than any regular Joe. But to you I say this. Think of all the good we can do once the entire world is one big democracy. Stop the senseless slaughter in the former Yugoslavia. End human rights abuses, in China and all over the world. Allow the people of Cuba to decide wether or not Castro should stay in power. The possibilities are limitless.
What I'm proposing here is nothing less than making the ideals of freedom, democracy and a free market economy a reality for all people everywhere in our lifetime. Within the space of a few decades the former nations of the world would acheive the status of US states, participating in Federal government equally with all other former nations. I say we should ask not what our country can do for us, but what our country can do for all of humanity.
Feel free to email me with your comments and/or suggestions.